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Voicebook VO FAQ

 Q. Voicebook doesn't seem to be fully accessible!  I can't find all the navigation buttons, and the other navigation features described don't seem to be available!
A. There are a few similarly named apps in the App Store.  Some of these are not accessible.  If you download one of these apps on accident, it will be quite confusing.  Be certain that you search for "Voice Book VO" and not simply Voicebook to be certain to find the correct app.

Q: Where is the rest of the Facebook features, like wall posts, messaging, etc?

A: Voicebook VO is not intended to be a full-featured client.  It's purpose is to give you quick and easy access to the most commonly used portion of Facebook; the newsfeed.  That being said, if there is good community adoption of the app, we will be adding additional features.


Q: Where are the notifications?

A: Voicebook VO does not currently support notifications.  There has been a lot of comments about this omission, so we are investigating adding this functionality in an upcoming update.


Q: When I tap to post a comment I am told I am posting a status.  Why?

A: Simple, the mis-labeling of the screen is simply a bug.  The good noes is that the posting of the comment works correctly in-spite of this mis-label.  We will correct this in the next release.


Q: Can I watch videos?

A: No.  This will likely be added in a future release.


Q: After refreshing, my location in the feed jumps to the wrong place.  What's up with that?

A: Voicebook VO will remember the last 1,000 entires you viewed.  The next time you refresh your newsfeed, Voicebook will scan for the first entry that has not already been read and will start reading at that entry.  Sometimes this can cause confusion if you are refreshing frequently and have a mix of read and unread entries.  We are considering alternative algorithms to reduce this confusion.


Q: Why doesn't like/comments work?

A: Actually, it does.  However, Facebook needs a few minutes to process the activity and you then need to refresh.  An immediate refresh may complete prior to Facebook completing it's processing and it is missed.  Rest assured, it will show up in a refresh soon.


Q: Why does "Go To Bottom" take me to the top of the feed, and vice versa?

A: The "Top" and "Bottom" wording is relative to the direction you have the feed sorted.  You can change the direction that your newsfeed is sorted by using the applications settings.  To find the settings, double-tap on a newsfeed item to get to the actions menu.  Right-swipe until you come to the Settings option and double-tap.

 Q. When I flick up or down, Voicebook VO reads the words or characters in the post rather than moving to the next item.  What's up with that?
A. You need to change your Voice Over rotor setting.  When your rotor is set to word or characters, it will override the moving between items functionality.  Adjusting your rotor back to the home position will allow you to move between entries as expected.