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Voicebook VO Roadmap

The following list describes the planned enhancements to the Voicebook VO product in the rough order in which they will be added.  These features will be added over several releases, but the list should give you a good idea of where the product is headed.  If you would like to see other features added, be sure to drop us a request in the support section of this web-site.

  • Notifications Support
  • Improved refreshing (in some cases, the current item is changed during a refresh.  This enhancement will eliminate that probelm)
  • Shorten amount of time it takes to pull new newsfeed items
  • Adjustable font sizes for low vision users
  • Native iPad support
  • Ability to review a friends profile
  • Split news feed item actions (such as comment, like, view comments, etc) and general (such as Post status) as well as general options (such as settings) into three tabs items on a tab strip
  • Support for reading Timeline and Check-in items
  • Possibly add gestures, such as tap and hold, for posting status and other common functions
  • Ability to manage friends
  • View/post to friends walls
  • View/post to community/fan pages
  • Message support