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Voicebook VO Privacy Policy

In plain English...

Voicebook VO ("application") will not collect or store your Facebook user name or password.  Authenticating to Facebook is done via Facebook's web portal.

The application may handle personal information that you choose to disclose to Facebook.  However, the application does not store or communicate this information to any party other than Facebook.

The last 1000 internal IDs of you and your friends newsfeed items that you have read are stored on your device.  This information is used for the sole purpose of tracking what you have already read so that you may skip to new content.  These IDs are not communicated to any party and roll off the device as more newsfeed items are read.  Potential discovery of these IDs do not pose any type of security risk.

The application will collect a unique identifier of your device and transmit it to a third-party web-site along with basic usage information such as date and time the application was used, duration of session, and other basic information.  This information is used to generate aggregate data for the purpose of analyzing usage trends and is not used for direct marketing.