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If your database application has slow running functions, that critical report is taking too long to process, or your import routines are taking way too long to complete, then you are a candidate for our SQL Server Optimization service.

The majority of the time, there are simple tweaks that can be performed to increase the throughput of your database activity exponentially. Simply creating the appropriate index or tweaking a SQL statement can have amazing effects. That save routine can be reduced from 10 seconds to 1 second; that 2 hours report will be done in 20 seconds.

We have the experience to evaluate problem areas within your system and deliver recommendations that are generally can be implemented immediately with little or no risk and have immediate and profound improvements in your system. Most of the time consultation can be done remotely, so time-to-implementation is extremely efficient.

If you need a helping hand in the area of database performance, contact us to learn more about our services.